Today many American families have busy schedules, with both parents working full time. Deliver a new standard of clean to your home with routine sanitizing from UV Sanitized. We keep your environment the best it can be, so you can keep up and enjoy your life.

We also offer services for those caring for the sick or elderly in their home. For families living with a member with a suppressed immune systems this service can keep kill dangerous pathogens and provide the best environment for healing and healthy living. 

Working Parents

In America over 59% of households have two working parents and over 28% of households are single parent families. Generally when an illness goes through your household, it usually affects everyone and you find yourself taking a week off work to care for yourself and children. Whether you call us to create and maintain a healthy environment, or you call us to help end the cycle of sickness running through your family, our state-of-the-art technology can sanitize your home while you are out or simply in cycles in isolated areas. Perfect for the kitchen, bathroom or any high-traffic areas, our professionally maintained equipment is safe to use and delivers a new standard of clean to your home, letting you get back to what is most important.

Home Care

Many Americans are choosing to receive health care in the privacy of their homes but are challenged to maintain the high level of cleanliness needed for optimum healing and health. UV Sanitized can provide the high quality of clean needed to keep you caring for your loved one at home. People suffering illnesses due to a suppressed immune system, those struggling to stay healthy during chemotherapy can now have access to state-of-the-art technology to immediately reduce the pathogens in their environment. Delivering the new standard of clean, our scientifically proven technology sanitizes and protects against harmful pathogens, allowing those with suppressed immune systems to relax and enjoy their home.

No Hassle

UV Sanitized makes it easy to live a high quality life. We come to you and keep the equipment properly maintained. You have no capital investment and there is no labor involved. We work with you to deliver a customized plan to work with your space. We make it easy, so you can rest easy.