Restaurants, daycares, schools, gyms and shopping centers are breeding grounds for germs and bacteria. Think about how often your commercial facility is cleaned — perhaps weekly? Now consider when your facility was last sanitized?

Get a step above your competitors with our scientifically proven technology. Your customers will appreciate knowing your establishment is fully sanitized with the new standard of clean. Employees will feel more respected knowing their health is taken into consideration and fewer sick days will be used in return.

Food Services

Many harmful germs and bacteria can be found in the kitchen, particularly in the commercial restaurant business. Better protect your employees and customers with UV Sanitized services. Our state-of-the-art technology sanitizes rooms to be greater than 99.9% free of pathogens that cause infections and disease. UV Sanitized technology kills common food service pathogens such as Salmonella Enteritidis, Salmonella Typhimuium, Penicillium Expansum, E. Coli, Infectious Hepatitis and many more. To read the whole list of pathogens our professionally maintained equipment kills click here.


According to the CDC nearly 22 million school days are lost yearly due to colds alone and 38 million school days are lost due to the influenza virus. Children are at great risk for serious flu complications and school can be the perfect breeding ground for this serious virus. Protect our children and use our professional equipment to keep them safe from harmful pathogens. The UV Sanitized product line will reduce dangerous pathogens, keeping staff and students healthier, reducing the number of school days lost to illness.

Community Centers/Gyms

Many people use their local gym, however many people don’t clean the machines after use. This can cause bacteria, viruses and other dangerous pathogens to spread quickly. Community-associated MRSA cases can be serious and are associated with over 11,000 deaths each year. Our state-of-the-art technology brings the new standard of clean to the community. UV Sanitized can sanitize any community center without interrupting use of the whole facility. Let us protect your community and your health.