UV Sanitized, the first and only company to offer comprehensive mobile UV service in the Midwest, brings state-of-the-art technology to dramatically reduce hospital and community acquired infections, delivering the new standard of clean. Our mobile service delivers hassle-free, reliable and cost-effective solutions to keep your employees, clients, family and the public safe in your home or facility.

Learn More About the Science Behind UV Technology


We seal our homes and buildings tightly to save energy; to not spend money and natural resources heating and cooling air, only to let it escape outside. A major downside to this is not being able to bring in enough fresh outside air to lower the concentrations of biological & chemical contaminants within the home. These airborne contaminants include viruses, bacteria, mold, chemicals, VOCs, fumes and odors.

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Routine sanitizing of your kitchen and bathrooms deliver the new standard of clean to your home.

Many Americans are helping family members with medical assistance in privacy of their own homes. While this is a better situation for those who are ill, or suffer from a suppressed immune system it can be a challenge to maintain the best environment for care and healing.

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Your gym, daycare, school, community center and restaurant are prime commercial locations where germs tend to threaten public safety. Show your employees and customers that you care about their health with a regularly scheduled cleaning with the best technology offers.

Food processing plants and related manufacturing facilities can also benefit from the added assurance as this technology delivers the new standard of clean.

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Large hospitals, regional health centers, urgent care facilities, nursing homes and medical waiting rooms are just the beginning of the most obvious immediate need for germ remediation and infection prevention. While the most immediate need to keep the public as safe as possible is met, medical professionals can also benefit from increased patient satisfaction when they are advised these precautions are being taken for their safety.

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Our Equipment at a Glance

Advanced Machinery Helps Improve Quality

  • POWERFUL - Eliminates more than 99% of germs in mere minutes
  • SMART - Captures time, date, room description data and indicates successful treatment
  • SAFE - Built in safety features including 360 (degree) motion detection
  • GREEN - A new standard of clean with no chemicals
  • QUICK - Rooms immediately available for re-entry

Pathogens UV Technology Kills

  • Influenza A (flu)
  • Norovirus
  • MRSA
  • VRE

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Our Advantages


You call. We come to you.

No Capital Investment

We own the equipment and keep it properly maintained.

Labor Optimization

We do the work, letting you keep your workforce on task.

Introductory Pricing

You'd be surprised how affordable we are. 


Every facility is different. Let us customize a plan that will work for you.

Customer Satisfaction

Your clients trust you to deliver the cleanest facility. Let us help.